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Decomposing in media


This photo is of my town, it’s in quite a poor part and when I passed it on the bus I really realised how true it is


This photo is of my town, it’s in quite a poor part and when I passed it on the bus I really realised how true it is

Conversations with children

Are kids from (insert secondary college) allowed to get away with stealing?
What? No!
But all my friends there do it all the time.
Oh my god, don't steal!!
Hey did you want any lollies? -shows bag-
Nah I'm alright.
I don't want to eat them because someone gave them to me and I don't know if they're drugged.
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A Little Lost (Arthur Russell Cover) - Sufjan Stevens

It isn’t a new album but I’ll take what I can get by Sufjan.




nepentheplus, these remind me of your old comics hahaha

I WISH my stuff was this good!


'Cause I am a panicky angry man. - Marc Maron


wait a minute this isn’t my homework

this is tumblr

how did this happen

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On a Path by Owen Pallett

You stand in a city that you don’t know anymore
Spending every year bent over from the weight of the year before. 
You stand in a city that you don’t know anymore
We tried to rule the world but we couldn’t get beyond the front door.

Owen out here throwing the punches on this new stuff dang

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Owen Pallet sadly didn’t win an Oscar for his part in the Her score last night (though to be fair, the Gravity score was very deserving as well) but he did release a couple new songs this weekend from his highly anticipated new LP including first single, “The Riverbed”, a beautiful sonic whirlwind with contribution from Brian Eno.

In Conflict is out May 13 via Domino / Secret City


Valentine’s Day… just another day of the year, right? *chuckles* WRONG. Since we posted our first set of cards, Valentines Day has become a way of life on Striped Sweater. These last four years have been wonderful and the response we always get from you has always made it worth it. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and at this point we feel we’ve created our last card. This has been our life’s work, our masterpiece, our way of bringing culture to this cultural wasteland! Thanks for being our Valentines when it was convenient for you and remember, no matter what we’ve said, we’ve always sort of liked you.

-Striped Sweater

P.S. As always the larger version of these pictures are all ready for printing. Feel free to submit them too; we love to see our cards in real life.

These can’t stop! They are the only part of Valentine’s Day that I genuinely…love. *single teardrop falls onto cheek*

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José González is having a hell of a year. His band Junip released an excellent self-titled LP featuring one of my favorite songs of the year, “Line of Fire” (which you probably know from those Breaking Bad finale promos) and now he has a new track featured in the trailer / soundtrack for Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. “Step Out” is quite a departure for González with an anthemic chorus, kids choir background vocals and big, epic drums, but it sounds fantastic and fits the film’s images perfectly.

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Beginner’s Theme Suite - Beginners (2010)

Composed by Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer, & Roger Neill

Mike Mills, the director of Beginners, based the choices for the soundtrack after his parents’ taste in music. His parents were a huge inspiration for the film, with a majority of the story revolving around memories from Mills’ childhood. His father preferred classical music, and his mother preferred ragtime piano and jazz pieces.

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